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AC Tune-Up

What is the program?

Your air conditioner needs frequent maintenance to assure a long life and optimum performance. Elk River Municipal Utilities (ERMU) will reimburse you $60 of the total cost to have your central air conditioner tuned by a HVAC certified contractor. The $60 will come in the form of a credit on your bill. AC Tune-Up funds are limited so call 763.441.2020 to assure availability. We will rebate a tune-up every three years.


How do I sign up?

1. Contact a professional HVAC contractor that is licensed and insured in early spring. You should also call ERMU to verify that funds are still available.

2. ERMU will issue a bill credit only, you are responsible for paying the HVAC contractor.

3. Send a photo copy of the completedchecklist and payment receipt to ERMU for processing.

4. ERMU will credit your electric bill $60 of the total cost once the AC Tune-Up is completed.


Why should I participate?

1. A tune-up can increase your air conditioner’s efficiency by 15%, which will help use energy resources more wisely.

2. Cleaning the outdoor and indoor equipment helps reduce energy consumption and increase the life of the equipment.

3. Using less energy will help reduce the need for more power plants and power lines, which helps control your rates.

4. Increasing your efficiency will save on your monthly utility bill.

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