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Elk River, MN 55330-0430
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Elk River Municipal Utilities
Elk River Municipal Utilities

Out with the Old, In with the New!


Older appliances and electronic devices often use more electricity than newer ones. While it can be difficult to invest in new appliances or electronic devices when you’ve got reliable older models, the cost savings from reduced energy use can, in some cases, recoup a significant portion of the cost of an upgrade. Click here to learn more about ERMU rebate options for replacing larger home appliances like refrigerators and freezers.

Elk River Municipal Utilities
Elk River Municipal Utilities

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At Elk River Municipal Utilities (ERMU), we put a lot of effort into helping our business customers make the most of their money and our resources.  That's why we're pleased to introduce the Connector ecommunication geared specifically for businesses.   

The Connector was developed especially for business customers like you, who want the best service and an even better return on investment.  You'll find the Connector rich in important research information and industry trends as well as ERMU product and service information.  It's an absolute "must" for businesses that want to increase operational efficiencies and improve risk management and cost containment.  Yet this service goes a step further.

Through the Connector, you can interact with your Account Manager, and even get online advice via the Ask an Expert section.  What better way to stay in touch and informed?  If you see a program that may be of value for your organization, you can click on the link under your Account Manager's photo and email him directly.

The Connector newsletter will be emailed to you twice a month.  It is a complimentary service and anyone from your company may register to receive this newsletter.  We hope you will enjoy each issue and look forward to providing you with this valuable service.

Click here to sign up now!

Elk River Municipal Utilities
Elk River Municipal Utilities

Saving Energy in the Office

See how you may be wasting energy and money in your office, and the simple solutions that can help reduce your operating costs

INFOGRAPHIC: Saving Energy in the Office