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Zylstra Harley-Davidson (HOG) Chapter Recognized

Zylstra Harley-Davidson Owners Group (HOG's) were recently recognized for their service to the utilities for painting over 94 hydrants throughout the city.  This group has been clearing the hydrants from snow for several years and has now added painting them as well.  Eric Volk, Water Superintendent, stated "What the HOG's were able to do in one day would have taken the utilities weeks to accomplish; it's a huge service." 

ERMU staff and the Commissioners thanked the HOG Chapter for their ongoing contribution to the utilities and the residents of Elk River.  Mike Matter, Tom Wesley and Curt Olson accepted an engraved name plate on behalf of the Chapter at the December 16th Commission meeting.  The name plate will be added to the utilities Recognition for Service plaque displayed in their front lobby.