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Light Up the Neighborhood - Holiday Lighting Contest Participants

Grab the kids and take them out on a car ride to enjoy holiday lighting and decorations the good old fashioned way.  You'll love hearing their oooh's and ahhh's, not to mention, "how long until we get to the next stop." Listed below are the addresses of the homes participating in our Light Up the Neighborhood Contest.  We hope you'll take the opportunity to go out and see all the hard work and effort that went into our customers light displays. To help identify the participants, a reflective Elk River Municipal Utilities sign will be displayed at the following addresses.

1.  15726 96th Cir NE - Otsego
2.  19676 Hudson Cir NW - Elk River
3.  231 Nile Place NW - Elk River
4.  11216 192nd Ave NW - Elk River
5.  1839 Main St NW - Elk River - Tune into radio station 88.7 for music to display
6.  925 York Ave NW - Elk River
7.  385 Holt Ave #104 - Elk River
8.  13015 Islandview Dr NW - Elk River
9.  13747 183rd Ave NW - Elk River
10. 9903 178th Ave NW - Elk River
11. 10766 187th Cir NW - Elk River
12. 11090 194th Ct NW - Elk River
13. 19364 Zumbro Ct NW - Elk River
14. 20572 Ulysses St NW - Elk River

If you have a favorite display, take a picture and email it into us at customerservice@elkriverutilities.com.  Pictures will be posed on our website.