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Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates

Appliances that are Energy Star rated save you money in two ways; they use less energy and they may qualify for rebates from Elk River Municipal Utilities. Energy Star appliances may cost more, but they’re worth it. The additional cost is quickly paid for with energy savings and rebates from ERMU. Watch for products with the Energy Star Logo to assure all your electric appliances are energy efficient and Energy Star certified.


*If you are looking to submit a rebate form for a central AC or a Air Source Heat Pump, refer to your contractor for the supplemental application. Click here for a list of participating contractors*

How do I sign up?

1. Contact the office at 763.441.2020 to make sure funds are still available as they are limited.
2. Select qualifying equipment.
3. Complete the application from ERMU.
4. For HVAC rebates, have your registered contractor complete the Technical Specs Form.
5. Model numbers and manufacturer section must be completed.
6. Mail application(s) to ERMU including copies of all invoices/receipts. You can also submit your application and receipts electronically.
7. ERMU will credit your electric bill for the dollar amount of the rebate.

Why should I participate and how much can I save?

1. Conserves natural resources by using less energy and water.
2. Reduces long-term utility rates.
3. Uses less energy to help control energy costs.

Energy Efficient equipment has three key benefits:

Savings will vary by usage:
1. Energy Star refrigerators average 20% less energy use.
2. Proper installation of HVAC systems or CAC-ASHPs saves 20-40% of operating costs.
3. The higher the SEER for A/C units and air source heat pumps, the less it costs to operate.

Important Rebate Requirements:

Air Conditioners:
Rebate varies depending on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). 14.5 to 14.9 is $50, 15.0 to 15.9 is $75, and 16 and above is $100. All rebate requests must be accompanied by Rebate Application, invoice, AHRI certificate and a Technical Specs application that the installer completes. Must be installed by a Qualified Installer.

Heat Pumps:
Air-Source heat pump rebates also vary depending on SEER. A Ductless ASHP with a SEER of 16 or higher is $300 if the house is heated with natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. The house must be considered all electric to qualify for the $500 rebate.  Geothermal heat pumps are $400 per ton if they are closed loop. No rebates for open loop systems. Check for Off-Peak Program availability.

Refrigerators and Freezers: Energy Star refrigerators and freezers qualify for a $75 rebate from ERMU ONLY if you recycle your old working unit. New refrigerators or freezers purchased without recycling are no longer eligible for a rebate. (Your receipt must state that the old one was recycled.)

Harvest Program: If you have an old refrigerator or freezer ERMU will pay you $75 to recycle it. You cannot combine this rebate with the new refrigerator/freezer purchase and the refrigerator or freezer must be working at time of recycling. Does not qualify if the unit is donated or sold. Recycled only and must provide receipt.

Heat Pump Water Heaters: 50 gallon ($300) or 80 gallon ($350) qualify for rebate. 2.0 E.F. or higher.  80 gallon heat pump water heater does not have to participate in storage program to qualify for the rebate.

Furnace Fan Motor: ERMU will rebate $100 for new furnace with Electronically Commutated Motors. Rebate request must be accompanied by Rebate Application, invoice, and AHRI certificate. Must be installed by a Qualified Installer.

Pool Pump: ERMU will rebate $200 for variable speed pool pumps with an E.F. greater than 3.8.

*By clicking submit, you are agreeing that everything you have submitted has been completed at the installed address.*