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The City arranges for the collection of residential garbage and recycling; this service is not optional.  The City is divided into two collection districts; each district is served by a licensed solid waste company under contract with the City. Click here for rates.



The cart should be out by 6:00 AM at the curb with the handle facing your home, and the lid must be closed. Make sure you leave 3 feet of space around your cart from all obstacles such as mail boxes, other carts, cars and trees.



Any extra garbage that will not fit in your cart MUST be bagged and tagged with a sticker.  Stickers are available for $2 each, and can be purchased at the ERMU office.  Each sticker is good for one 30 gallon bag of garbage not to exceed 40 pounds in weight. Contact your hauler directly for any items that will not fit into your regular garbage cart.

Single sort recycling allows residents to throw all recyclable materials into one cart; no sorting or separating of the materials needed. Recycling is picked up on an every other week basis on the same day as garbage collection. A residents week of collection will depend on where they live in the city and who the hauler is. You can determine your week by contacting ERMU at 763.441.2020 or visiting www.elkrivermn.gov  to view the recycling week map.

The Blue Bag Organics program is a voluntary program that allows residents to turn a portion of their waste into useable soil. This is a responsible way to dispose of organic waste such as vegetable peels, spoiled food, and soiled paper products. For more information, or to add the Blue Bag Organics program to your services for a monthly fee of $2, please contact ERMU at 763.441.2020.



Tires, auto batteries, motor oil, oil-based paint, construction material, appliances, yard waste or human waste, or any hazardous waste are not to be disposed of  in your garbage container. Not sure what to do with your waste? To view a list of local recyclers and the items they accept, please visit the cities website at www.elkrivermn.gov or contact the Environmental Department at 763.635.1000. 


Contact the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 1.800.450.6140.  For more information on local collection events, please contact the Sherburne County Zoning Department at 763.765.4466. 

Yard waste may be disposed of at the City of Elk River Maintenance Facility Compost Site located at 19000 Proctor Road. Sherburne County Residents can obtain a FREE non-expiring access card at the Maintenance Facility or City Hall.

Contact Elk River Municipal Utilities at 763.441.2020.