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Water Conservation Rebates

water-conservation-in-your-home-articleThe easiest and most cost-effective means of extending our water supply is to use less water. Conservation can be achieved in many ways, including the installation of water saving devices such as faucets, toilets, water-efficient appliances, and smart irrigation controllers.  Water customers of Elk River Municipal Utilities (ERMU) can now cash in on rebates for the purchase of the following WaterSense labeled and Energy Star qualified appliances. And thanks to our convenient online rebate application, getting a rebate has never been easier!

Water Conservation Rebate Application - Online Submission
Water Conservation Rebate Application - Downloadable PDF

energy starEnergy Star Certified Clothes Washer - The average American family washes approximately 300 loads of laundry each year.  Energy Star can help families cut their related energy and water costs.  Energy Star certified clothes washers use about 25% less energy and 45% less water than regular washers. If you have an older clothes washer, consider replacing it with an Energy Star certified clothes washer.  Rebate offered at $25 per clothes washer.  Must be Energy Star certified and have a water factor of 5.5 or less.

energy starEnergy Star Certified Dishwasher - Did you know that a dishwasher built before 1994 wastes more than 10 gallons of water per cycle?  The good news is dishwasher technology has improved dramatically over the last decade.  New Energy Star certified models include several innovations that not only improve performance but also reduce energy and water consumption.  A new, Energy Star certified dishwasher will save, on an average, 3,870 gallons of water over its lifetime. Rebate offered at $25 per dishwasher.  Must be Energy Star certified.  


ShowImage_copyWaterSense Labeled Faucets - Most of us know we can save water if we turn off the tap while brushing our teeth, but did you know that there are products that will help save water when you turn on the tap?  WaterSense labeled faucets are high-performing, water-efficient fixtures that will help you reduce water use in your home or office, and save money on water bills. Whether replacing an older, inefficient faucet that's wasting water and money, or simply looking for options to reduce your water consumption, choose a WaterSense labled sink faucet or faucet accessory.  Rebate offered at $10 per faucet.  Must be WaterSense labeled. 

ShowImage_copyWaterSense Labeled Smart Irrigation Controllers- Residential outdoor water use in the United States accounts for nearly 9 billion gallons of water each day, mainly for landscape irrigation.  Experts estimate that as much as 50 percent of this water is wasted due to overwatering caused by inefficiencies in irrigation methods and systems. Irrigation control technologies can significantly reduce overwatering by applying water only when plants need it. Replacing a standard clock timers with a WaterSense labeled irrigation controller can save an average home nearly 8,800 gallons of water annually. Rebate of up to 50%, not to exceed $250, for the installation of approved WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controller.  Must be linked to local weather via internet, weather station, or an ET water server.

ShowImage_copyWaterSense Labeled Toilets
- Toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home's indoor water consumption.  Older, inefficient toilets that use as much as 6 gallons per flush also happen to be a major source of wasted water in many homes. By replacing old, inefficient toilets with WaterSense labeled models, the average family can reduce water used for toilets by 20 to 60 percent-that's nearly 13,000 gallons of water savings for your home each year! Whether remodeling a bathroom, starting construction of a new home, or just replacing an old, leaky toilet, consider installing a WaterSense labeled toilet.  Rebate offered at $25 per toilet.  Must be WaterSense labeled and have a rating of 1.28 gallons per flush or less. 


How do I apply for a Rebate?

1. Contact our office at 763.441.2020 prior to submitting rebate application to ensure funds are still available.
2. Purchase qualifying fixtures or appliances. 
3. Complete Water Conservation Rebate Application.
4. Submit application to ERMU including itemized cash register receipt, credit card receipt, or sales invoice indicating the make and model purchased. Application and receipts can be submitted via mail, fax or electronically. 

Important Rebate Requirements:
1. Items must be WaterSense labeled or Energy Star certified to qualify for rebate.
2. Applicant must have ERMU water service to qualify for the rebate.
3. All rebates will be given in the form of a credit on water utility bill.


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